Wedding Planning 101 Course

Q. Will I get all of the course content delivered to me once I enroll?

A. We have purposely decided to deliver this content on a drip basis which means on the Monday of each week, you'll receive that week's course content. 

Each week contains a lot of valuable content and we want you to have the time to work through it at an enjoyable pace. Plus, we have an optional mini assignment at the end of each week which is going to help you digest the information and build upon your knowledge and/or Wedding Planner persona.

Q.Do you have a Payment Plan available?

A. Yes! You can pay in four installments. Each installment is made every two weeks.

Q.What if I have Questions or need more Clarification during the course? 

A. We are extremely confident in this course and know that if you take the time to go through each week and complete the assignments you will have a better understanding about Wedding Planning AND have the Confidence to lead your clients through a successful planning journey. If at anytime during the course you have questions or need more clarification just email us! 

Our goal with this course is to help you become a CONFIDENT Wedding Planner who can go out and start booking clients, and begin a successful career. 

Q.Is there Homework that gets marked by the Instructors?

A. Each Module has an Optional Mini Assignment that you can complete to help instill the lessons that have been learned and to develop the tools that you need to launch your business.  This can be done at your own pace.   There is no Homework that needs to be submitted each week.