How to Set your Wedding Planning Fee & Make this your Career

How to Set YOUR Wedding Planning Fees and Make this Your Career

By Sarah Shore & Genève McNally


One of the number one questions that we hear from people is HOW DO I SET MY FEES? or HOW MUCH SHOULD I CHARGE?

When you're on the path to making a Career as a Wedding Planner you want to do a little more than just pick a number out of thin air.

We've created this STEP BY STEP WORKBOOK that is going to help you Set YOUR OWN Wedding Planning Fees

This workbook is going to help you:

  • Figure out THE ACTUAL FEES that YOU should be charging.

  • Give you a framework for HOW MANY WEDDINGS is realistic for you to take on each wedding season.

  • Outline the common OPERATING COSTS that you can expect so you can work this into your plan.

  • Help you to determine how you can ACHIEVE A COMFORTABLE SALARY so that you can make this your Career.

  • And help you to figure out how to MAKE THE JUMP into the Career of a Wedding Planner.

We've done A LOT of research on what is out there for Planners who are trying to figure out WHAT they should charge AND if they can make this their Career and THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS WORKBOOK OUT THERE.


That sounds pretty great right? That's because this Workbook IS great...actually it's better than great. 

You won't have to worry about what you should be charging anymore because you're going to have it all figured out by the time you finish this Step by Step Workbook.   

That sounds awesome right?!

We've priced this WORKBOOK at a nominal price because we want everyone who is at this stage of their business to be able to EASILY figure out what they should be charging.

It's a NO BRAINER when you think about the fact that by the time you finish this Step by Step WORKBOOK you're going to be leaps and bounds ahead of where you were AND so much closer to going out there and making this the Career that you want.

We want you to get these kinds of things out of the way so you can get to the GOOD STUFF...learning all about all the pretty things like flowers and decor, finding the perfect ceremony & reception venue, How to take your clients through a Successful Wedding Planning journey, building vendor relationships, etc. etc. 

So, let's figure out what YOU should be charging...

Sarah Shore &  Genève McNally
Sarah Shore & Genève McNally
Founding Partners, DreamGroup Productions


We're Sarah & Genève. We are the Founding Partners of Vancouver's Largest Wedding & Event Planning company, DreamGroup Productions. We ambitiously started our company in 2004 and have been involved in the wedding industry for almost 20 years.

We've planned hundreds of weddings, worked with celebrity clientele, have received numerous awards, and industry achievement recognition.

You have to really love something to be doing it this long and we do!

DreamGroup is a company of planners that work together, encourage each other, and learn from each other all under our guidance. We've been mentoring Wedding Planners since the beginning and have created some of the best planners out there. We're considered Vancouver's Wedding Educators.

Now we are going to share all of our knowledge and expertise with you.


Up until now the information that you find about becoming a Wedding Planner, online, in courses, is the obvious stuff...things your supposed to do.

But the focus has not been about the actual planning experience from the client’s point of view or the planning journey through the eyes of the planner who’s running her own business.

We’re going to pull back the curtain, peel away the layers, and let you in on the world of wedding planning; the behind the scenes, the stories from our own experiences, the “red- faced” moments as we like to call them, and the insight and tips that we’ve learned along the way.

So get ready...we're excited to take you on this journey with us.

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How to Set your Wedding Planning Fees and Make this your Career
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