How to Make your Wedding Planning Business a Reality

How to Make your Wedding Planning Business a Reality

By Sarah Shore & Genève McNally


When you are trying to launch your business there are so many unknowns it can be overwhelming!

  • Do I need to register my business name? 
  • HOW do I register my business name?
  • Do I need a business license?
  • How do I GET a business license?
  • Do I need insurance?
  • Do I have to charge tax on my services?
  • How do I create a Logo and Website for my business?
  • And the list goes on...

It can paralyze you to the point that you can't even get started because you have no idea of where to start or what to do.

So we've made it really simple and broken down each stage of Setting up your Business.

We've created this SIMPLE GUIDE that will take all of the guesswork out of what you need to do to Make your Wedding Planning Business a Reality!

This guide is going to:

  • Take you through the stages of Setting up your Business in a simple and straightforward manner.

  • Provide VALUABLE TIPS that will give insight into each area of setting up your business.

  • Offer suggested websites on where you can implement some of the business steps.

  • Cover Hiring Support Staff that will allow you to seamlessly manage the Wedding Day.

  • And we'll even direct you to a website where you can purchase Contract Templates for your business.

Our goal is to help make this an EASY PROCESS so that you can get to the good stuff...Planning with your Brides!

Once you've gone through this Guide and completed each of the Stages you'll be well on your way to Setting up your Wedding Planning Business

What a relief right?!

So, let's start working on Setting up your Wedding Planning Business...

Sarah Shore &  Genève McNally
Sarah Shore & Genève McNally
Founding Partners, DreamGroup Productions


We're Sarah & Genève. We are the Founding Partners of Vancouver's Largest Wedding & Event Planning company, DreamGroup Productions. We ambitiously started our company in 2004 and have been involved in the wedding industry for almost 20 years.

We've planned hundreds of weddings, worked with celebrity clientele, have received numerous awards, and industry achievement recognition.

You have to really love something to be doing it this long and we do!

DreamGroup is a company of planners that work together, encourage each other, and learn from each other all under our guidance. We've been mentoring Wedding Planners since the beginning and have created some of the best planners out there. We're considered Vancouver's Wedding Educators.

Now we are going to share all of our knowledge and expertise with you.


Up until now the information that you find about becoming a Wedding Planner, online, in courses, is the obvious stuff...things your supposed to do.

But the focus has not been about the actual planning experience from the client’s point of view or the planning journey through the eyes of the planner who’s running her own business.

We’re going to pull back the curtain, peel away the layers, and let you in on the world of wedding planning; the behind the scenes, the stories from our own experiences, the “red- faced” moments as we like to call them, and the insight and tips that we’ve learned along the way.

So get ready...we're excited to take you on this journey with us.

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How to Make your Wedding Planning Business a Reality
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